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Name:Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin

Item No:RC16105S

Product Size:22cm x 9cm x 7,8cm (l x w x h)

Scientific Data :



Name:Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin



Habitat:Coast waters Southeast Asia, North Australia.

Animal class:Mammal

Figure size:22cm x 9cm x 7,8cm (l x w x h)

Real size:6,6-9,2 ft long

Weight:150-200 kg

Near Conservation:Near threatened

Features:A typically streamlined body and a long slender beak, the dorsal fin sits on a hump.Two fins, a fluked tail.

Did you know?

 Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins are at risk from factors that also threaten all other cetaceans, such as entanglement in fishing nets, pollution and the depletion of fish stocks worldwide?

QUESTION: What do Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins eat?

ANSWER: These dolphins feed primarily on reef-associated and estuarine fish