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Shenzhen Ankyl Toys Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, specializing in the design and marketing of toys. Under the leadership of James Chan, our company has developed rapidly. We currently have top-notch product R&D and design teams, partnering factories, and an excellent sales team to provide all-around service, both before and after sales. We now sell into the hottest markets in Europe, China, USA, South Korea, Japan, Australia and South America.

In 2014, Shenzhen Ankyl Toys launched its own brand “RECUR”. The main products of this brand are highly detailed and accurate models of animal life. We currently offer four series: Dinosaurs, Wild Animals, Sea Animals and Farm Animals. “Quality, Safety, Love, Nature and Happiness” is the motto that drives our efforts.


A Dedication to Quality:

At Recur we are very proud of our toys. Recur has always believed that our product is the best spokesperson for our brand. We believe that a dedicated commitment to quality will help insure the success of our company.

Safety first:

Every parent is concerned first and foremost with the safety of their child. Recur supports this concern through product safety design, with structure design, material selection, processing technology, and quality control all contributing to ensure that every product is safe. Unlike many companies in this category, Recur toys are made from soft plastic and are much lighter weight than most similar figures to lessen the bumps and bruises of overly vigorous play.

Love and Nature:

At Recur we have a deep love for Nature. We try hard to make this regard apparent in every toy we create. We believe that Man must learn to cherish and respect the natural world, to live in harmony with it, and to be good stewards of all the life around us. We believe that harmony with Nature fosters harmony in Self, so it is our goal to instill in children a strong affection and appreciation for Nature. We seek to convey to children our own fascination and appreciation of the wonders of Nature, and inspire in them a deep sense of caring toward the natural world.


We wish for every child a healthy and happy childhood, full of joy and learning. Recur believes that by giving children access to the fantastic and beautiful creatures around us, from both the current era and from ancient times, we can expand their view of the world while at the same time providing many hours of safe, imaginative play.